Sunday, October 23, 2011

October 23, 2011

Upcoming Dates
October 24-28 Red Ribbon Week
October 25 Motivational Productions to go with Red Ribbon Week
October 28 Vocabulary Test Lesson 4
November 4 George Ranch Field Trip
November 4 Spelling Test

We have been learning about large digit multiplication and division and estimating with these skills too. This same skill will continue next week. We will also continue stations.
Please make sure your child is studying his/her math facts 10 minutes every night.  The timed tests are a mixture of addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication.  If your child knows addition and subtraction well, then spend most of the time practicing division and multiplication.

Social Studies
We have wrapped up our study of the regions of Texas.  For the culminating project, each child chose a region of Texas and created a travel brochure to show everything he/she has learned about that region.
Our next unit of study will be about the earliest Texans.

We have been studying about tides and the water cycle.  The students also have continued to watch their cylinder gardens grow, and Mrs. Pappas has continued her lessons with us.  Next week, we will begin studying the layers of the earth and the change of the earth's surface.

We have been studying character traits.  We have learned the definition of a character trait and discussed how we can identify different traits that we could see in our reading with characters.  We have also discussed how and why characters change throughout reading a story. Our book clubs are continuing and we will wrap those up soon. We will begin to read and study feature articles and dive into finding the characteristics of these types of articles.

We have been studying poetry and the students have each written a Halloween poem.  We talked about making sure to include strong verbs and adjectives for good description. We will use our writing time in the coming week to study feature articles too, and make the connection with our reading.

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